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Crisis Prevention, Trauma and Disaster Information: Training, Supports and Materials


Kaylene Scholl Henderson MA, BCCLC

Author, Trainer, Board Certified Christian Life Coach, consultant

Faith-Based Workshop Presentations

When trauma comes to church

For decades the church was referred to a hospital for the sick and hurting. Does our minds eye imagine people that are ailing, weak, poor and dying? Once the hurt and ill blend into the masses, the pain can hide undetected or at the least, not acknowledged.

The reality is fragile glass souls hide behind (a) false façade of dense walls, denying translucent behaviors. In attempts to conceal our own weakness and need we deny the evident pain in those around us. The churchgoer has become blind to the deep needs of those they call family. Fear of rejection, denial of truth, unbelief and the grip of un forgiveness threatens to cripples the one destined to be whole. Biblical practices and pat scriptural text have been honed into rote responses when crisis and trauma are exposed.

Without understanding the magnificent brain that was created by God, we may provoke triggers that produce harm causing spiritual death where life was intended. How do Christ followers reconcile faith and reason, to BE THE DIFFERENCE?

Objective 1: Participants will be introduced to the operating mechanism of the human brain according to God's design. Attendees will identify crisis of a traumatized brain and respond accordingly to an individual experiencing crisis in a manner that promotes healing

Objective 2: Participants will discuss crisis and trauma categories with practical considerations that promote healing for individuals exhibiting trauma manifestations in the church body. the learner will be able to write and compile policy and procedure to incorporate into the departmental programs. Objective

3: Participants will explore areas of theology practice that challenge psychological need. The attendee will identify these psychological consequences and adjust congregational life to honor the integration of psychology with theology

Crisis, Trauma and Disaster; Psychological triage

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