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Kaylene Scholl Henderson MA, BCCLC

Author, Trainer, Board Certified Christian Life Coach, consultant

Kaylene is ready to launch her new training workshop, 'When trauma comes to church' .  To learn about this presentation or others specific for the church in times of crisis, disaster or trauma in the church, contact Kaylene through the contact link

Faith based services


Laying a foundation

Kaylene has a heart for the local church and para -church agencies with a world view.  As a visionary herself,  Kaylene is gifted in walking a visionary through the process of organizational structure including administrative, legal, risk management and strategic planning.

 As the founder or consultant of numerous ministries, Kaylene is well versed in creating program structure that meets Biblical, federal and local requirements.

 Kaylene's hobby has been to create comprehensive manuals that include but are not limited to Board of Directors, Employee, Client/resident, volunteer program and program policy & procedures manuals for varies venues.

Kaylene started her own 501 ( c) 3 non profit corporation in 1989.  Kanella Place was one of the first organized children’s home for babies/children that were HIV/AIDS positive.  Her work with this population won her an accommodation from the Health & Human Service Branch and the President of the United States.

With a heart to reach families in their differing dysfunctions, Kaylene has researched & compiled program policy and procedure manuals and trained non profit organizations including but not limited to: Homeless shelters, Ex-offender programs, Substance abuse programs, Therapeutic children’s facilities,  Domestic violence/safe housing and Community Centers

To contact Kaylene to discuss how she may be able to assist your non profit, please complete the contact link associated with this web site.

 Board of Directors

Dear Board of Directors,

Just as the seasons of life go through necessary metamorphism to bring forth life and then a harvest, so too does the life of any Christian and her/his ministry.

Our heart longs to bring those hurting and wounded into an abundant life that  can be found in our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Although we are instructed to be separate from this world and to not shake hands in covenant with the world system, we still live in this world.  The systems of care continue to change leaving non profit organizations racing to keep up with compliance of the federal, state and local requirements for operation.

With the mandate to live by Christ’s higher standards of love and obedience, you the parent of the organization have incredible responsibility and liability towards this organization and the community it serves.

When was the last time the Board of Directors has taken time to refresh themselves in their perspective role in this ministry and project future planning, development and policy/procedure updates?

In a two part workshop for the Board of Directors and Administrator/Program Director, the participants will:

PART ONE:Review Biblical, Ethical and Moral responsibilities in a Non Profit Organization Acknowledge personal perspectives in ministry Realize traps/motivations for participating in a ministry position Observe ministry priorities Identify ministry stages, Perform Personal and Board evaluations


PART TWO:Discuss Legal and Risk Management necessities Review/Define the Board Structure, Identify the specific functions of each position in the Board, Discuss the Position Description and Qualifications of a Board Member, Identify Committee Needs and Structures, Establish Performance and Discipline Structures, Plan for Future Strategic Planning, Establish program Policy & Procedure Manual update needs.  i.e. Corporation, Employee, Volunteer, Resident

Workshop Options:

A. The Board may choose to break the work shop into an Evening/day, 

b. Full day, 

c. Part of  monthly board meetings.  

D. Sponsor a workshop day and invite other non-profit boards. (share the cost) The workshops can be tailored to meet your individual need.

For more information or pricing on workshops please contact Kaylene through the contact link




When Trauma Comes to Church

All one needs to do is look at the news, look out the window in their own community and/or sit on a church pew to realize that people are hurting, in crisis and being traumatized.  One  great asset of the local church is their hospitality, humanitarian aid and care for the world around their sphere of influence.  As the world continues to show moral and ethical decline, misguided understanding of religious activity and misunderstanding of psychological needs in the midst of theological practice, trauma has become an outcome.

Nine out of ten persons will look to a faith group when confronted with a crisis. The church has become adept with biblical practices and pat scriptural text honed into rote responses when crisis and trauma are exposed. Without understanding the magnificent brain that was created by God, we may provoke triggers that produce harm causing spiritual death where life was intended.

How do Christ followers reconcile faith and reason, to BE THE DIFFERENCE?

Objective 1: Participants will be introduced to the operating mechanism of the human brain according to God's design. Attendees will identify crisis of a traumatized brain and respond accordingly to an individual experiencing crisis in a manner that promotes healing

Objective 2: Participants will discuss crisis and trauma categories with practical considerations that promote healing for individuals exhibiting trauma manifestations in the church body. the learner will be able to write and compile policy and procedure to incorporate into the departmental programs. Objective

3: Participants will explore areas of theology practice that challenge psychological need. The attendee will identify these psychological consequences and adjust congregational life to honor the integration of psychology with theology





Give to the hungry not only bread, but the word of God
Give to the thirsty, not only water, but truth and love
Clothe the naked, not just with garment of cloth, but with dignity and esteem.
Take in the sick of heart not only with brick and stone, but into hearts that understand, love and protect
Visit the sick in heart, the dying soul as well as the physical body