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Crisis Prevention, Trauma and Disaster Information: Training, Supports and Materials


Kaylene Scholl Henderson MA, BCCLC

Author, Trainer, Board Certified Christian Life Coach, consultant

2017 Call for presentations submitted 

June 21-24 National Foster Parent Association Houston Texas 

Presentations include:

Recapture the Joy

Parenting from a distance

RAD; the team approach

September 27-30 American Association of Christian Counselors Nashville TN

Recapture the Joy

Come away and rest a while

Recapture the Joy

Recapture the Joy is the focus of retreats and coaching programs for parents of early childhood trauma.

The primary focus group is for adoptive, foster and kinship care parents.

There are several variety of venues for acquiring this program.

  1. Attend a Retreat hosted by Carousel Project LLC
  2. Host a retreat for your agency clients or faith community persons meeting the focus group.
  3. Join the ONLINE private face book membership.
  4. The Private facebook membership will be $30 a month.  This is for access only to the private group for weekly encouragement and participation in group posts.
  5. The coaching program with the private facebook group- will include numerous privileges along with the coaching sessions and workbook.  This program is $74.99 a month to join.
  6. Both membership levels are required to complete the RTJ application packet, disclaimer, confidentiality statment and finance agreement forms. Once the packet forms are submitted, go to the shopping cart for payment.

Online Mentor Group

The Recapture the Joy mentorship program will have a monthly membership fee.  The first month is included in the non-refundable $30 application fee. .  There is a (6) six month minimum membership period. The membership fee will have an introductory fee of $74.99.

The owner of Carousel Project LLC is free to change the membership price at will, but not before the first 6 month introductory period.  Other fees may apply for requested services as specified.

Services included with this fee may include but are not limited to:

1. Weekly encouragement posts of the group wall

2. Topical study with workbook– uploaded to the member sight “FILES”

3. Video training’s that accompany the topical study. (password protected)

4. Goal of (1) one– monthly guest presentation of a specific resource topic that relates to the group. ( may be video, power point, conference call, tbd)

5. Parenting resource materials or documents uploaded in the group “FILE” ( with admin permission only)

6. Posting options on group wall for group participants

7. After (1) one year membership, 25% off of Carousel Project LLC sponsored retreats.

8. Messenger access to Kaylene.