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Kaylene Scholl Henderson MA, BCCLC

Author, Trainer, Board Certified Christian Life Coach, consultant

Retreat Training Opportunities  

Recapture the Joy- Lead By Kaylene

A faith based, intensive self evaluation of “where your Joy comes from”.  We will take a journey through scripture exploring times of lamenting and the re-turn to Joy.  We will be challenged to identify the source of our Joy and practical life skills to thwart off those things that threaten to rob us of our Joy.  A workbook is available to walk through this journey.  This retreat is for the parent desiring to explore their own personal healing.  Preferable attendance 4-8 persons

Kaylene understands the importance to lament and grieve the losses and trauma that threaten to rob a parent of joy.

 Kaylene sponsors retreats at local USA resorts, inviting women who are traumatized by raising traumatized children to come and "Recapture your Joy"

These 4 day 3 night retreats follow a healing journal that Kaylene developed to walk a person through lamenting and identifying areas that have been robbed of joy and strategic actions to recapture and maintain joy.

Come to a retreat hosted by Kaylene or have your local area group, church or community group sponsor a retreat in your area. (Attendance may be larger groups for a conference format)

Attendance # 4-8 persons

See location areas

Personal Retreat- Hosted by Kaylene

Life demands stir the need and desire for complete ‘down’ time; Come create your own itinerary and support/pampering needs. Come alone or bring some friends. 

1-5 persons

See location areas

Family-Friend Training Retreat- Training by Kaylene


Parenting a traumatized child demands specialized discipline and parenting skills that many do not understand.  The well meaning person that does not have all the facts, often becomes our child’s worst enemy.  Unfortunately, many of these persons are our close friends and family members.  If you have relationships that need mending due to parenting a traumatized child, renew the building of that relationship by bringing that/those special person(s) to a training retreat.  Itinerary and training tailored especially for your circumstance.

Max 10 persons

See location areas

Location Areas

Gulf Shores Alabama

Peoria Arizona

Big Bear Lake California

Aspen Colorado

Florida:  Panama City Beach, Holmes Beach, St Augustine, St Petersburg

Georgia: Marble Hill, Savannah

Chicago Illinois

New Orleans


LAs Vegas

Missouri; Branson

Hershey Pennsylvania

New Hampsire

Motel or other facility in your town